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Whether you're about to expand your current facility, adapt an existing structure to a new use, or construct an entirely new building, your building project represents a major investment that will affect the productivity and efficiency of your business or organization

for years.



Horn Architects will help you:


Clarify and Define Your Building Needs Horn Architects can completely examine your specific requirements, your budget and building site to help define the scope of what's to be built.  We can conduct site studies, help secure planning and zoning approvals, and perform a variety of other pre-design tasks.


Plan for Present and Future Needs Horn Architects can help you define what you want to build, present options you might never have considered, and help you get the most for your valuable investment.


Manage Your Project Horn Architects looks out for your interests and smoothes the building process, helps find qualified construction contractors, and visits the worksite to help protect you against work that's not according to plan.


The following services are provided to our clients by our registered Architects and professional support staff


  •   Architectural Design

    •   Schematic Design

    •   Design Development

    •   Construction Documents

    •   Bidding & Negotiation Review

    •   Construction Administration

  •   Facilities & Site Master Planning

  •   Feasibility Studies

  •   Site Planning & Evaluations

  •   Building Program Development

  •   Code Review and Compliance Studies

  •   Building Evaluations and Documentation

  •   ADA Assessment Study

  •   Design for Handicap Accessibility and Use (A.D.A.)


Horn Architects provides a full range of professional services by collaborating with experienced consultant engineers creating a Design Team for each project.  Consultants

are selected for each project because their specialty will benefit the particular design and planning needs of the client and are well qualified for the project.

Through our Consultant Engineers, Horn Architects also provides --

  •   Civil Design

  •   Structural Design

  •   Electrical Design

  •   Plumbing and Fire Protection Design

  •   Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Systems Design

  •   Fire Protection Systems Design

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